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Grenade Guides of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There are many fantastic grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but you may don't know how to use them properly. Don’t worry, the following content can help you. Therefore, let's look more in-depth understanding of each grenade.
High explosive grenade, in most cases, to finish off wounded enemies. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HE grenades without excessive power, which means that they will never have to kill a perfectly healthy opponent. This adds more action in the game, because it gives the player a bout life and change, and even the final outcome of the race a second chance.

The Flashbang is used to deceive the enemy or make them turn around a few seconds, they have to eliminate the higher rate. The Incediary grenade or Molotovs is used to get the enemy out of his position, or let them burn injury, a decent amount.
Finally, the Smoke Grenade usually used to smoke off areas of the map. The grenade is probably the most powerful one, because it will greatly help the team out of the scene of the explosion of offensive or defensive.
It is a simple thing to throw a grenade. You can click the left button to throw a grenade into the farthest distance, click on the right mouse button in the middle length threw a grenade, and finally click the right mouse button to throw a hand grenade in the shortest distance possible.
In addition to the mouse button, any movement to throw a grenade will affect its trajectory and / or speed. For example, a grenade was thrown during the operation will go further than to be thrown, rather than moving all the grenades. Of course, you can click on the appropriate combination of actions and type in your situation. Here is a summary of what each movement will do to a grenade compared to an idle, normal throw.
Falling: travels downwards, closer, same speed
Jumping: travels upwards, further, same speed
Running: travels at the same height, a lot further, a lot faster
Crouch-walking: same height, a little bit further, same speed
Walking: travels at the same height, a little bit further, a little bit faster
Running, walking, crouch-walking backwards: same height, closer, slower speed
Running, walking, crouch-walking whilst moving left and right: same height, grenade will travel in diagonal, variant speeds depending on which movement you are doing
Under normal circumstances, you never want to throw a grenade, but Crouch walking, because it leaves exposed to multiple perspectives and unarmed enemy if you peak. Do not forget, you also have to play on a map.
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