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My real experience in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The key to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive is go, go, go. But, we all encounter some problems in the process of playing CSGO. Here, I want to say something about my experience in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
Although, changes to existing maps are clever and careful. Cracked glass is more opaque, making it more difficult to take the sniper rampage like cs_office the main hall in a small area. A stairway was added to the bottom of the de_dust, making the route more viable for Terrorists while retaining a bottleneck;

Considering thoseadjustments in classic maps, it is puzzling that GO "new" model, and the new maps bundled with it are so gosh-darn mediocre. Half of GO's 16 total maps are new,but they are locked to the Arms Race and Demolition modes.
But yes, the new map. Aesthetics, they are lovely. de_bank reflects the modern war fighting around the town of Hamburg indulgence. de_lake and de_safehouse let you multi-storey forest hut and lawn surrounding duel. Tactically, they are compared to their parents are trivial map. Most of them are compact (de_shorttrain is a veritable amputation de_train), designed to support immediate action, meat grinder game reminds me more of Call of Duty.
Even if these adjustments and dubious shrug, the new map inspirational, GO Counter-Strike produce typical moment. As with P90 rush spear tip. As your team the last person, I feel your teammates glare when you're trying to win the round. Each kill you make sense of your teammates to increase security. Knife fight for honor. Unexpected blinding flare misleading your team, and let everyone be killed. In the process of establishing a AWPer compete in the next race. All of which have been preserved.
GO is a $ 15 ticket to reconnect those feelings; it has retained CS 'spirit of careful tactics, cooperation and praise the heroic deeds of individuals driven competitive game. It is still about positioning, timing of the match, and said, critically thinking about how much you pace noise generation. GO remains in that regard, CS 'purity - one of the key models for what it remains the only modern shooter did not answer content, ironsights, of unlockables, or like secondary firing.
I think you'll like most new weapons, too: in PP-BIZON is a cheap, 64 SMG. The MAG-7 shotgun slow burn (and slow reloading, because its magazine-fed), but it is absolutely fatal. I love that machine guns are no longer the novelty of the total, and in a few cases is feasible. Molotov grenades and burning Strike folded into the core concept (Tactical iterations between rounds) beautiful because they are fire walls thrown, the momentum can be alleviated successfully enemy tactics.
In summary: go, go, go. I'm hopeful that the competitive community will fill in the map and mode gaps left by Valve and Hidden Path. Zombie Mod is a good start. is a professional csgo skins sales agent, and we have the experienced sale team. Our professional team handles hundreds of orders daily. What’s more, they can provide the most considerate service to enable your shopping experience. More discounts are waiting for! Welcome to visit our website!
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