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Ten Useful Strategies to Help You Get Started in CSGO

Here are the 10 serviceable strategies to help you get started in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I hope the following tips can help all of the CSGO game players.
Beyond all question, teamwork comes first! In my view, this principle is appropriate for all games. So, please don’t do anything without your team, including the purchase of goods, throwing grenades, or moved. If you do not have a microphone / headset, invest in one.

Avoid custom practiced outside the Community Server Deathmatch. Like all valve products, high level of customization, there are some more running, you will not encounter in athletic competition, you can teach bad habits MODS particular server. This is the best way to avoid a non-steam server, if you intend to become a professional or competitive player, in addition to the best place in the community Deathmatch server used to play.
Effective use of smoke is essential and should be coordinated with your team. You can use smoke bombs in the wrong area, we lost the game for your team, or you can use it appropriately map, the tide of war. You work out a smoke bomb before the queue.
Learn how to properly spray, one of the most critical technology in the game. Various weapon recoil after a high speed and the use of poor spraying bullets (no specific aim / shoot scoping), however, when in close range with the enemy in front of you, spraying bullets may be the key to your success.
Do not negate the use of Weapons Course and offline bots, which are critical to getting anywhere within the game. Offline bots can be programmed to various difficulty and let you practice aiming and basic strategy without the worry of someone calling you a newb. The Weapons Course operates on the same principle.
Do not underestimate a bullet. Why CS spray is considered to be real reason is that almost every bullet can take someone down. Two shots, most people will be round at their purchase rebirth screen thinking. Any rifle or hand grenade or a bullet is far superior to any tactics, as long as they landed on an opposing player. Most weapons will take a hit, if their head / neck fight, most heavy weapons will take a hit in the torso as well.
Everyone is his own, unique snowflake, do not agree to "a real" game style. Along your team work and learning to play the game in your own way. Even professionals are not perfect, so do yourself good at important because you never really imitate someone else's style of play is 100%.
Don't reload unless you have to. It makes a lot of noise and can lock you down for 4 seconds or more, which is an eternity in a CS match. Only reload when you're in a safe position and can afford the time to, in addition to obviously needing to.
Learning map, using the bots to escape this suffering, then transferred to the community Deathmatch. Learning map, find out where to throw grenades, learn where to put the smoke, find out where the enemy can hide. Learn where you can hide. Learning map is the most important tips I can give you, because it's the most important way to ever excel in CS: GO.
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