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The Advantages And Aisadvantages of Machine Guns in CSGO

There are four machine guns and they play a important role in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Negev, M249, M60 and M2 Browning Machine Gun are included. Next , i will introduce their advantages and disadvantages.
Negev, an Israeli machine gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can purchase it for both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. Its recoil spread is uncontrollable, making it a bad choice for spraying at long range. When held, the player's movement speed is 195 units per second, meaning they suffer 22% reduction in speed.

Advantages: Large magazine capacity, Fatal close, Fire rate is very high, If you score a headshot, no matter if the target does not have a helmet or instant kill, Suitable penetration through walls,Great eliminate enemies gather groups
Disadvantages: Very high spreads, Not controllable recoil, Extremely heavy, Overload long time, Very expensive, Unique giant, Bad accuracy at mid-range and long-range
M249, it is one of two machine guns in a multiplayer game. It is available to both teams. Some players may prefer M249 in public games, but M249 is rarely competitive play due to its high price and ammunition used. It is a heavyweight weapons. And wielded, the player's movement speed is 220 units per second (default speed is 250), which means that they suffered a 12% reduction. In the global offensive, the moving speed of 195, which means that they have the speed reduced by 22%.
Advantages: High damage, Large magazine capacity/Large ammo in reserve, Useful for fighting groups of opponents, Great for firing through walls, Can instantly kill targets with headshots in Source and Global Offensive
Disadvantages: Heavy weight, Expensive cost for the weapon and ammo, High recoil when continuously firing this weapon, Inaccurate at long ranges, Ammo cannot be shared with other 5.56mm rifles (prior to CS:GO), Long reload time, especially in Global Offensive
M60, is modeled after the E4 variant, an improved M60E3 that is portable for foot soldier use. In Deleted Scenes, It has the fourth highest damage of any weapon after the M2 Browning, M72 LAW and the AWP. Terror boss often use such weapons exception is the team assault, gang leader in Hankagai militia leaders in the Midwest and the rise of hard VIP. NPC fire this weapon from the shoulder rather than the hips, although M60 is heavy and has a high recoil.
M2 Browning Machine Gun. The player has also some occasions to use it: During Lost Cause, it is used very briefly to kill just a few enemies. During Building Recon, it is used to eliminate a large group of hostiles with help from the British SAS. During Secret War, it is used to eliminate the Mi-24 Hind helicopter chasing the player and the rest of the surviving Russian Spetsnaz members, at the end of the mission.
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