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The special bits in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Personally, there three special bits in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and The Verdict. In addition, this article will tell you the suitable way to experience Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Well, let’s have a look.
A map of the lake is outstanding - there are explosions all over the place, this is a pretty big lake of the family with open vantage point and a lot of people hiding place of dense, but the yard. Individually removable from Defusal, between the player can not buy two. Instead, it requires a new model from the other, the arms race, where each prompt to unlock another weapon to kill the moment. The better you do, the more you have to switch up the way you play, because of the demolition is so fast, you have to be fast on your feet.

Unlike other types of games, the arms race allowed rebirth. It is the world's most offensive confusion and free care model, with players throwing caution to the wind for the sake of killing climbed the ladder as quickly as possible. It's a shame that only two arms race map - the game than the PC easier to stick to a problem.
If you can choose to play the PC version is undoubtedly the best way to experience the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Mods, mouse and keyboard, and usually only in PC- option is better than the mouth. In addition, the valve is a better long-term support for PC - it abandoned the game Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2 level editor is a PC exclusive. If you like playing video games, global offensive is the same great game, with the following special place:
The PlayStation 3
For those who want to play in the PlayStation 3, but do not want to deal with the analog sticks inaccuracies, Counter-Strike: GO supports mouse and keyboard, giving it a very distinct advantage over Xbox 360 version. If you're feeling playful, moving is another option, although subtle motion controller death. This is accurate, your quick response will score the enemy, but holding the remote cursor will give you some serious unpleasant swing inevitable instability. Worse, moving quickly wand controller can be confusing, which is often misunderstood and unhappy basic left / right looks like a want to turn 180 degrees.
The Xbox 360
In addition to the absence of a keyboard / mouse input, Xbox 360 version of the global offensive is functionally equivalent to the PS3 - New radial user interface on both platforms is elegant, because it is on a PC. Because it is a hardcore competitive game, in an effort to combat cheating in Counter Strike block party chat, forcing the player headset with your friends or brave obscenity is Wild West for Xbox Live play.
The Verdict
Counter Strike Global Offensive is definitely a sequel - it looks and feels familiar, there are small adjustments, and there to help balance the old problems and long-term surprise players. This is a demanding, skill-based multiplayer games, and now, it is because it was to meet, but it is for a specific type of player. If you do not want to learn to play different than you're used to, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a top-tier tactics game that will probably share the long-tailed legacy of its predecessors. is a professional CSGO skins and CSGO items sales agent, you can not only provide the cheapest csgo skins, but also offer you the most considerate service. Believe me, you can find help from our best service! More surprises are waiting for you.
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