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The Tactics Information of Pistols in CS:GO

As we all know, there are nine kinds of pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, including USP Silenced, P2000, Glock-18, Dual Berettas, P250, Five-SeveN, Tec-9, Desert Eagle and R8 Revolver. This article will introduce the main information of these weapons.
Except for a few important factors, the USP and the P2000 are nearly identical. USP S is one of the two alternative default guns for Counter-terrorists in CSGO. The USP reigns supreme in accuracy with a more manageable recoil, and it also has the added benefit of a silencer which removes tracers and silences gunfire.

The P2000 is for two reasons a very effective weapon pistol: it costs $ 0, it does 100 damage to the opponent headshot helmet into a less generous range. However, like other default pistol, subject to anti-armor in P2000. As you can not afford your helmet and start Round 1 money, this is a very effective tactic.
Glock-18, the glock a low damage, low recoil weapon that is best used when fired quickly at close range. When aimed at the head, but doing so can provide fewer errors than the room bursts of semiautomatic fire between ordinary delayed three more burst mode can effectively close the case. As the T-side starting weapon, the glock is suprisingly effective. It has decent accuracy and kills helmet-less opponents at close range with one shot.
Dual Berettas, which is a very effective weapon near the mid-range, it is a popular choice for the first round of CT side. With better clip size than any other CT pistol in Berettas in two rapid-fire effective at close range, through quick click, or quick 2-3 burst shooting enemies in the head area, effectively killing two armored and non-armored opponents realized. This tactic should be used carefully and with lots of movement as a well placed AWPer may kill you before you even manage to begin shooting.
P250: Due to its high rate of fire, low price, low recoil, large magazine, high armor penetration, this weapon Desert Eagle is a common replacement in CS: GO. In the P250 can be in close range drop goal and a headshot helmet as its low price can buy grenades and defuse kits can effectively choose pistol rounds in. That said, it is not significantly more accurate than the default pistol, the lack of reserve ammunition, which often makes it more suitable for the ecological turn, be used as a luxury pistol.
Five-SeveN, Five-seven is basically better in every version, P250 in addition to cost and reload speed. It has a higher accuracy, less recoil, excellent armor penetration, and bullets for only $ 500 significantly more generous supply. While it lacks the fire rate of its alternative, the CZ75-Auto, it can still one-shot a nearby helmeted opponent, making it serviceable at close as well as longer ranges. is a professional website which provides cheap csgo skins and csgo weapons. We have a lot of experienced team to help you to solve all the problems of CSGO skins trade or game skills. Please contact us anytime when you need, if you have any question. We are always waiting for you.
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