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The way to use the different grenades in CSGO

We all know the grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But not everyone know how to use different grenades in CSGO. This article will some information of those grenades and analyze how to use them.
Decoy Grenade
the Decoy Grenade will emulate your most powerful weapon and flash an enemy sign on the mini-map. While it's running, it will continue to make noise then ping small map, if the enemy is in this position, it has it will play a sound after the completion of self-destruction.

This is assuming you enemies or your team move to lure the enemy or to a location very useful in another direction. If your team is trying not to be seen or heard moving through the map, because the enemy players icon where you are, no matter what you want to be close to it could backfire.
HE Grenades
The new CS: GO is their ability to take the door, if they are close enough to land them. They deal with 98 goals and 57 damage to unarmored armor, with a direct hit is almost completely taken out of the fighting man. This is the best use is to clean up the room and control the position of the enemy, the other in a room, to punish the enemy group together.
Any player caught looking at the flashbang when it explodes will have their vision "blanked out" with white for up to 5 seconds. In CS: GO, the player who is close to the flare will also be blinded, although a shorter time. In watching the game, the player who has been blind will have their names a close X You can usually spot blinded players, they will have their eyes involved arm.
Smoke Grenade
Love it or hate it, the smoke released from a medium-sized regional smoke grenade. It has a lot of it, so pay attention. Once thrown, smoke comes out of the tank and in any smoke caught is pretty much blinded, but anyone outside of it can not really see inside it. In CS: GO smoke impact is much greater, including bullying screen when you enter the cloud and smoke thicker / more difficult to see through.
There are many reasons to use it. On offense, to hide yourself, you receive a decoy grenade into a room or HE grenade throwing (making it more difficult to distinguish the enemy where you are), defensive retreat, or the strategy either. Both of which can be confusing or damage on the enemy. Grenade is another great side where it's harder to see on the other side.
Incendiary grenades
Two hand grenades lay down on the ground caused damage to people walking through it Molten pool, the most suitable for controlling movement. While the mechanics are the same, Molotov (Terroists) is cheaper, has a higher armor penetration and faster switching weapons (deployment longer and larger bombs). Fire smoke can be put out.
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